All inclusive

The needs of our customers are our paramount focus. With expert advice covering all aspects of the product and the optimised procedures, we offer a range of services that meet the highest standards. Best product quality – short processing time – great flexibility.


Magnetic stripe encoding, chip encoding, embossing, thermal transfer printing, laser engraving and DOD.

Dye-sublimation technology, data matrix and barcode application.

Mechanical and manual enveloping and package preparation.

High-tech enveloping machines with personalised or non-personalised insert direction.

IT services

Database generation, key generation, key management, application logging and image capture.

System-oriented interface generation on an XML basis, adapted to the customer's data flow.

Key generation and key management based on the specifications of MasterCard and VISA.

Developing and maintaining internet platforms.


NFC technology for credit cards (PayWave/PayPass).

NFC stickers and wearables.

Mobile payment for MasterCard and VISA via OTA, TSM and HCE.

Credit cards made from alternative materials (carbon/silver/gold/aluminium/naturally degradable components).

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